Medusa Theatre Society


Medusa Theatre Society – in partnership with Rumble Theatre – is proud, and downright thrilled to present an evening of heartwarming stories of homelands, gorgeous live music, food and merriment. We want you to meet the “us” that has been milling about the theatrical scene, the artistic scene, the poetic scene for way longer than anyone could imagine. The three-dimensional, fun loving, party going, creative, rich voices that have been gifted to us because of our cultures. We are artists of color with names that raise eyebrows at border crossings.

So often when the MENAT community is portrayed in any media form, we are shown as traumatized individuals coming from war-torn lands, with much pain and suffering. While this is part of some of our experiences, we are ready and excited to bring our joy into the Vancouver community. We want to share the uniqueness and varied lives of those within the MENAT umbrella. 

We invite you, with open hearts, to experience a slice of MENAT artistry.

Event Dates:
May 20th and 21st, 2022

Progress Lab 1422
1422 Williams St,
Vancouver, BC,
V5L 2P7

Production Credits:
Concept, Development, Direction, and Adaptation of True Stories: Panthea Vatandoost
Artistic Producer, Co-Direction, Co-Development: Peri Allan
Musical Director: Katelin Coleman
Music Development: Bardia Sadeghi, Katelin Coleman, Morgan Zentner, Saina Khaledi
Stage Manager: Claire Fabian
Technical Director: Jack Goodison
Photographer: Dhirendra

Presented by: Rumble Theatre

Peri Allan
Mehdi Darvish
Panthea Vatandoost
Sarvin Esmaeili

Bardia Sadeghi – Tombak, Kouzeh, Cajun
Katelin Coleman – Bassoon
Morgan Zentner – Oboe
Saina Khaledi – Santoor

Catering: Huda Abd Elhamid, Super Dishes

With special gratitude to Flavours of Hope.

Our Event Funders: